Funeral Services Offered by St Nicholas Church



The death of a loved one is a solemn occasion and their life should be marked with all the dignity that a traditional funeral service offers. We welcome contact from anyone who is looking to arrange a funeral at St Nicholas’ Church. Please don’t hesitate to contact Fr Dominik.

Memorial Services

After a period of time has passed, it is often a very good thing to organize a memorial service in remembrance of a loved one.

Giving thanks is an important and very human response to the God-made uniqueness of the life of someone special, but a funeral is often not quite the time for such thanksgiving to be expressed, because of feelings of loss and grief that naturally dominate the heart and mind.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss holding a Memorial Service at St Nicholas’. The Church is a noble and dignified space, and the Clergy have a lot of experience in organizing Memorial Services. They will be happy to talk with you about that.

Additional Information

Application for introduction of a memorial into the Churchyard

St Nicholas Churchyard Regulations

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