Many people have a great deal of goodwill towards their Parish Church, although they may not contribute to religious aspects of the Church.  The Friends of St Nicholas Church is specifically set up to target help from the wider community.
The Diocese of Chichester expect us to be self sufficient in funding by 2025 being £100k per annum. Failure to do so could well mean closure of our lovely Church. The Church membership is capable of raising £50k, therefore, we need to find alternative ways of raising the potential shortfall of £50k.
The Friends will start by setting up a 150 club. We shall ask 150 people to commit to pay £150 per annum for the foreseeable future as a commitment to the Parish. This would raise £22,500.00 plus a tax rebate for tax payers of 25%. Which could result in a target of £28,125.00.  Happy Days!   The 150 club members would all receive a limited addition print of the old Church eroding into the sea. Also, once a year a quality function in the Church exclusively for members of the 150 Club where they will be able to network with like-minded parishioners to seek ways to support our Church.  
The ‘Friends’ committee will run 4 events per year to raise money and anticipate seeking the support of the 150 club in these ventures. I.E: Big star acts to appear in the Church. Already booked Paul Jones (Manfred Man) and his wife Fiona Headley (Widows) to appear as a Gospel duo on Friday 25th. March 2022.
I am certain that the Middleton on Sea community will be delighted to support St Nicholas Parish Church!
To become part of the Friends Committee contact me.  Alternatively, to join the 150 Club please follow the donation link.
John Madell 
tel 07831 845281