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The Old Church Hall


The old Church Hall was built in 1938 by L. Hughes & Co (Builders), Ancton. It originally had a small stage at the kitchen end and was the main meeting hall for the village until the erection of the Jubilee Hall. During the 39-45 War it was a part-time branch County Library. In 1999 the parking area was tarmacked and extended, by covering over the open ditch, to allow disabled parking behind the Hall. However, accessibility, storage, kitchen, cloakrooms and the general condition of the hall were sadly by now below required standards.

The old Hall was demolished in 2006 to make way for the new Hall which was integrated within the Church building. The new structure (combining a refurbished Church building and the new Hall) was opened in May 2007. The structure provides all the facilities required by a modern Church Hall. The Church building is considerably larger than previously, with comfortable seating, and many other accessible features.

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