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Parish & Building Grow

As the twentieth century came in the parish began to expand rapidly again with the development of both permanent homes and holiday housing. To cater for new inhabitants, and to reflect liturgical changes, the appearance, facilities and capacity of the 1847 building were gradually changed to what you see today. In 1899 the walls had been redecorated to resemble stone blocks, some with rosettes and fleurettes; an American Organ (harmonium) had been placed on a low platform (rather near the heat of the tortoise stove); and a Gothic altar rail installed. A vertical section of this carving remains in the Sanctuary below the aumbry. In 1926 Mrs Ward of Sudley presented the present small two manual organ (by the prestigious firm of John Bishop, c.1899) for which a new gallery was built, together with the installation of central heating from an external boiler house (now demolished). In 1975 the very basic specification of the organ was improved as far as possible by Foster Waite to its limit of seven speaking stops. In 1929 another gift of land outside the western ditch enabled the graveyard to extend into what is now Shrubbs Field. It is strange that hardly any grave markers from 1847 to 1929 can be found; permission must have been given to reuse some sixty original plots. The graveyard has now been closed by Order in Council. Ashes may now be buried, unmarked, in the grass plot on the right of the lych-gate. The centenary in 1949 was marked by the design by Dorian H. S. Prince, ARIBA, of an extension to provide a vestry and baptistry/entrance lobby, with a second doorway in the old west wall to allow overflow congregations in the baptistry. The pulpit was removed in 1961 to free space at the altar rail, and in 1975 Roth and Partners Architects designed the apse to provide a larger Sanctuary, with a small open area for choir, processions, weddings, and funerals in front of the altar steps.

Subsequently a St. Joseph window was designed by K.A.Saunders F.R.I.B.A. who was living in Felpham in 1979, using sandblasting. As a millennium Commemoration a St. Nicholas window, was designed in similar style by C.G. Durant of Horsham.


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